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GOOD NEWS FOR PAKISTAN! Special 70% discount for Pakistani Students on all courses. Don't get left behind as others succeed. Enroll on any of our courses now at 70% discount.

As you know in this digital age, everyone is moving towards digital technologies and earning a huge amount of money through freelancing being a Website or Software Developer, Graphics Designer, Digital Marketer, Amazon Virtual Assistant and through a lot of other skills.

As we all know there is a huge percentage of people (students) in Pakistan who are still unable to do freelancing due to lack of awareness, proper guidance, and quality trainings.

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Why You Choose Us?

We as a multinational software company (The only software company working remotely worldwide) have now also launched short computer (information technology) related courses (with huge discounts, so everyone can enroll in the course and learn) in Pakistan to empower youth of Pakistan with technology and dollars, it'll raise the financial situation of the students as well as it'll help Pakistan to stabilize it's economy due to dollars coming towards Pakistan.

Our Courses:

-    Amazon Virtual Assistant Course
-    Freelancing Course
-    MS Office Course
-    Graphic Designing Course
-    Digital Marketing Course
-    WordPress Course
-    Software Development Course
-    Website Development Course
-    Website Designing
-    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course
-    Android App Development Course
-    IOS App Development Course

Earning Opportunity:

If you are a teacher / professor / trainer in any educational institution of Pakistan, then you can avail this opportunity!

We just want you to (become our ambassador) help us to guide those students in your circle,in your institutions about technology and ask them to get some IT skills to earn while studying through freelancing and to support their parents.

If any student enrolls (fill registration form with your given teacher referral code and pays her / his first installment) himself / herself in any course then we'll pay you 500PKR per enrollment.

Time to Virtual is now offering Flat 70% Discount for Pakistani Students on all courses. On a mission to educated Pakistan with Job Oriented Skills by Virtual Software Company!

It's a humble request to our respectful teachers (to you) to be a part of this mission to decrease poverty ratio from our country and let's everyone earn through freelancing to empower their homes and our home-land Pakistan financially.



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